Terminal Tug

Terminal Tug
Terminal Tug
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Our Terminal Tug is designed and built for worldwide terminal towing operations, with the possibility of performing other tasks, i.e., oil recovery, hose handling, flushing and repairs, firefighting, diving support stand-by rescue operations. The hull lines are developed to achieve excellent sea-keeping characteristics and little resistance.

Except for anchor handling and towing functions, Terminal Tug will be suited to perform auxiliary services using oil recovery equipment to be located on the main deck. Oil recovery tanks allow accommodating 400 cubic meters of oily water.  The propulsion system can be diesel mechanical hybrid or diesel-electric hybrid propulsion.

Terminal Tug will have the possibility to be used as supporting firefighter with two combined primary engines is driven fire pumps of 1500 cubic m/h each and two 1200 cubic meter/hour each fire monitors installed on the top of the wheelhouse. Moreover, the ship provides the possibility of ROV and diving support ( on the base of containerized equipment ) installing the customer’s request. Full 360-degree visibility from the helm is assured with windows all around and controls located on consoles port and starboard of the centerline helm position.

Our Terminal Tug hull size start 30m up to 45m, and bollard pull starts 50t up to 80t.

Features | Options

  • Low Fuel consumption
  • Low operation and maintenance
  • Towing Winch
  • Deck crane
  • Anchor-handling drums
  • Stern Roller
  • First Class Accommodation
  • Oil Spill Recovery
  • Rov | Diving Support
  • Diesel-electric drive GREENTUG® propulsion system
  • Ice Class
  • LNG dual-fuel (DF)
  • Battery + LNG-fueled
Terminal 30Terminal 35Terminal 40Terminal 45
Lenght30 m35 m40 m45 m
Width10 m11 m13 m13 m
Draft3.8 m4.4 m4.8 m4.8 m
Bollard Pull50t55t55t65t
Speed13 Knots13 Knots13 Knots13 knots