Modular Ferry

Our Modular Ferry is designed for fully loaded trucks, trailers, lorries, combines and other heavy machinery, and passenger transportation in the river, lake, and inland waters. The number of pontoons determines the size of the ferry. All parts of the Ferry are modular and can be transported as container-sized units.

Modular Ferry is flexible and scalable.  Modular Ferry equipped with outboard azimuth propulsion units that give 360° of steering range, with high maneuvering through narrow and shallow riverways.


  • Easy To Transport
  • Modular and sheltered areas
  • Safely transport passengers + vehicles
  • Double-ended
  • Fast Connection
  • 360° steering of propeller
Modular 20Modular 30Modular 36Modular 48
Lenght20 m30 m36 m48 m
Beam10 m12.5 m12.5 m15 m
Speed9 Knots9 Knots9 Knots9 Knots
Car Capacity6122036