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Auto Longliner Gill netter
Auto Longliner Gill netter
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Basaran Feed Barge is designed and equipped for worldwide fish farming operations, suitable for a wide range of sites, climates, inshore, offshore, arctic and tropical areas. Feed barge can feed the fish’s side or front of the Feed Barge, and she has a central feeding system. All feeding operations and control can be done inside the Feed Barge control room.

All sides of the Barge fully integrated with a Camera, Alarm, and  Monitoring System. The meaning of this  All fish can be fed simultaneously and watched remotely using the new system to identify any signs of stress or disease. You can feed fish strictly to appetite with reduced potential for feed to fall to the seafloor.  Remote operation of the system means staff can monitor fish and feed without risk during extreme weather.

Fish feed storage capacity starts 200t up to 1200t. Feed barge can also be customized beyond the class requirements, flag requirements, and supplied to customer needs and conditions.

Features | Options

  • Easy and safe loading of fish feed from the feed transport vessel.
  • Ballast water system
  • Feeding Technology
  • Crane folding/telescopic
  • Generator sets and shore connection.
  • High-quality Accommodation
  • Safety and lifesaving equipment
  • Forage tank sounding
  • All side of the Barge fully integrated with a Camera, Alarm, and Monitoring System.
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