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The Basaran Factory Trawler designed for operating efficiency maximized catch processing and worldwide operations. Factory Trawler is equipped with the latest fish detection technology. Factory Trawler can be configured to serve both as a single trawler and as a pair trawler. If intended for pair trawling only, lower installed power and a reduction in the number of winches and trawling equipment will be possible.

Design of Factory Trawler we are working with the best designers in the world because of that Factory Trawler has excellent water lines and sensational navigability and maneuverability that makes this vessel a perfect tool for fishing the fasted fish in all the world´s oceans, capable of sailing at Sea State 5, and enough to use handling equipment with excellent sea-keeping and stable platform with a large working deck for operations and also for production you will see our quality, standards, and differences.

After we delivered the vessel, you will see the same performance and quality years and years later not changed; there is one reason to catch the performance and quality, We don’t choose cheap products, pick the best material and products for building the Factory Trawler, and also choose the best workers, engineers. We can arrange the designs for your operational profile and requirements.


  • Low emission and fuel consumption levels
  • Modern Factory Trawler
  • The vessel shall be built for global operations.
  • Reduced environmental impact and the flexibility to be operated as a single or pair trawler.
  • LNG dual-fuel (DF)
  • Battery + LNG-fueled 
FT 50FT 70FT 80FT 100FT 110
Lenght50 m70 m80 m100 m110 m
Width11 m14 m16 m16 m18 m
Draft4.5 m5 m5.5 m6 m6,5 m
Cargo Hold Capacity700 m31700 m32100 m32300 m33500 m3
Speed12 Knots12 Knots14 Knots14 Knots14 Knots