RoPax is designed to provide maximum efficiency and transportation of passengers, cargo, vehicles, and containers on a single cargo deck for unrestricted service.

RoPax is equipped to handle all shapes and sizes of freight and is designed to use cargo space as efficiently as possible. Designed to comply with all stability requirements for this type of vessel, without limitation of the loading pattern. This includes the extreme condition of full cargo load with the lower hold empty.

The ship will have multiple operating modes such as regular ferry service between ports or as a long-term cruise vessel, and also the ship will have a high passenger capacity within the high standard accommodation: First Class accommodation, comfort class without vibration and noise, and even passengers wholly separated from the cargo. The cargo securing is essential for the security of the ship. The lashing pots are welded flush with the decks at regular intervals in-between the lanes.

RoPax sizes and capacities can arrange for your requirements tailored to specific routes and operations, the ability to take cars, trucks, and containers in many configurations through bow ramps, stern ramps, and hoistable decks, and more. This makes the best economical solutions possible and provides passengers with an effective means of transport.

RoPax Service speed can arrange for your requirements between 14 knots to 24 knots. She has a high Manoeuvrability capacity, the power of bow thrusters, and rudder characteristics are adjusted to allow maneuvering at a deficient speed to withstand statically in high wind force.

RoPax focuses on maximum fuel efficiency and minimum through-life running costs with low resistance. The design allows the vessel to be safely and efficiently operated with minimum crew levels. The Double Ended Ferry can run entirely on batteries or in a battery-engine hybrid configuration where the fuel options are liquefied natural gas (LNG) or biofuel.

Ropax 28Ropax 50Ropax 60Ropax 80Ropax 100Ropax 120
Length28 m50 m60 m80 m100 m120 m
Hull MaterialAluminiumAluminiumAluminiumSteelSteelSteel
Width8 m14 m18 m17 m18 m21 m
Draught1.4 m1.9 m2.1 m4 m4.5 m5.3 m
Vehicle Capacity4 Cars40 Cars60 Cars70 Cars86 Cars140 Cars
Speed24 knots35 knots35 knots14 knots14 knots18 knots