Emergency Response Rescue Vessel, ERRVA

Wind Farm Support Vessel
Wind Farm Support Vessel
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Emergency Response Rescue Vessel is designed to service multiple installations with the highest recovery and rescue support standards. ERRVA has excellent maneuverability.

Emergency Response Rescue Vessel, ERRVA capable of accommodating large numbers of survivors, patrol duties, Prevention of Fire, Explosion and Emergency Response Regulations, search & rescue, oil spill recovery, prevention, and emergency response operations.

Emergency Response Rescue Vessel, ERRVA equipt with FRC, Pollution combating equipment, Fire Fighting equipment for fighting the on installation fires, enhanced survivor reception, and medical after-care facilities, state of the art navigational/communications equipment, Daughter Craft, and rescue craft capable of operating in severe weather.

For  Communication and navigation equipment, Emergency Response Rescue Vessel fitted with VHF,  GMDSS, UHF, MF radio, emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB), self-contained, search and rescue transponder (SART),  automatic pilot, GPS, radar, echo sounder, navies.

Our Emergency Response Rescue Vessel, ERRVA range meets Survivor Class’s requirements, Class A standby/rescue vessel, Class B standby/rescue vessel  + Class C standby/rescue vessel, and size starts 20m up to 80m. Dimensions, specs can be configured for specific locations or customer needs, requirements.

Features | Options

  • Low standby and exploitation cost
  • 24/day continuous operation
  • Full duty monitoring of danger zone
  • Optimized positioning and speed for cruise and operations
  • DP 2
  • Knuckle boom crane / A-frame / Davit / Moonpool
  • First Class Accommodation
  • ROV
  • Helideck
MaterialAluminium | SteelAluminium | SteelAluminium | SteelAluminium | SteelAluminium | Steel
Width5.5m12 m12m13m18m
Draft2.5 m4 m4 m4.6m7m
Speed12 knots12 knots12 knots12 knots15 knots