Floating Power Plant

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Basaran, Floating Power Plant is designed and constructed for continuous power production. Our Floating Power Plants are cost-effectively and rapidly in a well-controlled industrial setting, highly mobile. With our designed and built Power Plants, you will solve Electricity Shortage in a short period and will get continuous Power Supply.

Basaran Floating Power Plant can work with HFO, LFO, Dual Fuel, or LNG for up to 450 MW.

Floating Power Plant Each specs can arrange for the owner’s specific operational requirements, the flag state rules, or the regional environmental conditions.


  • Mobile
  • Low emission and fuel consumption levels
  • Cost-efficient
  • For Cooler only use radiators, not use seawater
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Suitable for sheltered coastal areas or rivers with low draught
Capacity2 – 50MW. Primarily engines50 – 150MW. Primarily engines150 – 450MW. Primarily turbines