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Our Offshore Patrol Vessel designed and build for Routine Patrols w/Aerial Support, Anti-smuggling missions, Multilateral Operations, Search and Rescue Operations, Emergency Relief Operations, Maritime Law Enforcement, and Fisheries Protection, and other coastal police operations.

Features | Options

  • Moderate level of shock, radiated noise, and damage survivability.
  • Maintainable, with the low-cost operating platform.
  • Light construction ( steel hull and aluminum superstructure )
  • First Class  Accommodation
  • Suitable for Oil Spill Equipment
  • Suitable for Launching and Recovery Operations
  • Helideck
  • Suitable for all military standards
  • Excellent Seakeeping with Gyro Stabilization
  • Operation up to Sea State 9
  • Hybrid Engine Power Diesel / Electric
PV 40PV 45PV 55IPV 65IPV 75IPV 80PV 85PV 90PV 95
TypePetrol VesselOffshore Patrol VesselPatrol VesselPatrol VesselOffshore Patrol VesselPatrol VesselOffshore Patrol VesselOffshore Patrol VesselOffshore Patrol Vessel
Lenght40 m45 m54 m65 m75 m78 m85 m90 m95 m
Width7.3 m7.5 m9 m9.5 m14 m14 m14 m14 m14 m
Depth4.3 m4.6 m4.8 m5.6 m1.5 m6.8 m6.8 m7.1 m7.1 m
Draft2.25 m2 m2.4 m2.8 m33.5 m3.6 m3.8 m4 m
Speed20 kn.25 kn.25.5 m30 kn.22 kn.22 kn.23 kn.23 ln.26 kn.
Endurance--21 days10 days30 days--21 days-