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Oil Chemical Tanker 1
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Basaran LNG Bunkering Vessel designed for refueling LNG-powered vessels at sea.  LNG Bunkering Vessel delivers the LNG to a range of vessels, cruises, ferries, platform supply vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, cargo carriers, barges, and tugboats.

The LNG is stored in insulated cargo tanks of bilobed type, classified by IMO  Type C Independent.  Dual-Fuel engines utilize LNG as the primary marine fuel. The gas bunkering activity has no impact on the time spent in port. All commercial operations during the port call can be performed as usual while the LNG tank is, at the same time, being refilled by the LNG Feeder. The LNG Bunkering Vessel is designed with a diesel-mechanical application. The LNG barge uses gas as its primary energy source, thus reducing the environmental impact of the total chain.

LNG bunkering ship to ship is indeed a suitable solution to provide environmentally friendly bunker fuel. LNG as fuel depends on the cost of low sulfur bunker oil. LNG’s key advantage as a fuel is the vast reduction in pollutants caused by the more traditional fuelling ships such as heavy fuel oil, marine diesel fuel (MDO), and marine gas oil (MGO). The cooling process results in LNG being stored 600 times denser than natural gas in an ambient state.

LNG Bunkering Vessel capacities up to 10.000 m3. Dimensions, specs can be configured for specific locations or customer needs, requirements.

Features | Options

  • Lowest Bunkering Time
  • Highest Safety Standards
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Guarantees Accurate Deliveries
  • Capable of fueling up to 1000 m3/h
  • Specialized loading arm
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Yokohama fenders
  • 20m reach crane/hose handling crane
  • Two fuelling stations
  • Submerged cargo pumps
  • Nitrogen generator unit
  • Cargo Handling System
  • Fuel Gas handling system
  • Re-liquefaction unit
  • B.W. treatment unit
  • Both LNG + Marine Fuel Oils
  • LNG dual-fuel (DF)
  • Battery + LNG-fueled
Bunker 700Bunker 800Bunker 1100Bunker 1600Bunker 3600Bunker 3900Bunker 5800Bunker 6500
Lenght40 m50 m57 m65 m80 m85 m100 m100 m
Width8 m8 m9.5 m11.5 m15 m16 m18 m19 m
Depth3 m3.5 m4.5 m4.5 m8 m6 m10 m12 m
Speed12.5 Knots12.5 Knots12.5 Knots12.5 Knots12.5 Knots12.5 Knots13.5 Knots13.5 Knots
Cargo Capacity750 m3850 m31100 m31600 m33600 m33900 m35800 m36500 m3
Cargo TypeLNG | OilLNG | OilLNG | OilLNG | OilLNG | OilLNG | OilLNG | OilLNG | Oil
Accommodation6 Person6 Person6 Person8 Person15 Person15 Person15 Person16 Person