Double Ended Ferry

Double-Ended Ferry is designed to transport vehicles and passengers with advanced engineering that provides a comfortable voyage without noise and vibration. Double-Ended Ferry is suitable for rivers, lakes, and sea.

Double-Ended Ferry has comfortable passenger deck space with lounge and restaurant allow to spend the voyage with pleasure.  Passenger lounge area combines comfort, safety, and functional design with fully air-conditioned and spacious passenger saloon has been fitted with; elevator, children playground, buffet, entertainment systems.

Double-Ended Ferry focuses on maximum fuel efficiency and minimum through-life running costs with low resistance. The design allows the vessel to be safely and efficiently operated with minimum crew levels. The Double Ended Ferry can run entirely on batteries or in a battery-engine hybrid configuration where the fuel options are liquefied natural gas (LNG) or biofuel.


  • LNG/diesel-electric
  • Optimized loading time
  • Complete engine and systems redundancy
DEF 120DEF 100DEF 90DEF 80DEF 60DEF 50DEF 40
Length120 m100 m90 m80 m60 m50 m40 m
Width17 m10 m26 m17 m14 m13 m13 m
Draught3.5 m3.5 m4.5 m3 m3.5 m4 m4 m
Vehicle Capacity120 cars110 cars115 cars71 cars50 cars40 cars30 cars
Speed14 knots14 knots14 knots14 knots13 knots12 knots12 knots