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Our Oil, Chemical Tanker is designed for trading chemical oil products to carry with multi segregation tanks. All cargo and ballast operations are remotely controlled and monitored from the cargo control room. The clean sea – clean air notation makes this vessel appropriate for operating in environmentally friendly areas.

Features | Options

  • Propulsion system including PTO-PTI
  • Deep well pump
  • Ventilation system provided with two vapor return systems
  • Fixed or portable gas freeing fans
  • Pipeline purging installation
  • Blending installation
  • Cargo tank heating system
  • Cargo tank cleaning system
  • The oil discharge monitoring system
  • Ice Class 1A | 1B | 1C
Chemoil 3500Chemoil 4500Chemoil 5000Chemoil 7500Chemoil 10000Chemoil 12000Chemoil 20000Chemoil 24000
Lenght85 m85 m99 m105 m117 m144 m149 m160 m
Width14 m15 m15 m18 m21 m20 m23 m27 m
Depth6 m6 m7 m9 m9.5 m11 m13 m14 m
Speed12 Knots12 Knots14 Knots14 Knots14 Knots15 knot15 knot15 knot
Cargo Capacity3500 m34500 m35000 m37500 m310000 m312000 m320000 m324000 m3
Cargo TypeOil | ChemicalOil | ChemicalOil | ChemicalOil | ChemicalOil | ChemicalOil | ChemicalOil | ChemicalOil | Chemical
Accommodation6 Person8 person8 person15 Person18 Person18 Person18 Person32 Person