Dinner Cruise Boat

Dinner Cruise Boat designs for private, luxury dinner cruises for social and corporate groups. Dinner Cruise Boat designs with the highest focus on survivability, redundancy, and low emissions to air and sea combined with low noise and vibration levels and excellent sea-keeping capabilities and passenger comfort + safety is the primary criterion for us.

Dinner Cruise Boat has floor-to-ceiling colossal glazing, bars on every deck, full-size commercial galley, and bridal and green rooms. Dinner Cruise Boat design allows up to three floors for visitors + below the level is a full commercial galley with dedicated areas for food preparation, cooking, storage, large cold room, and rooms. The first floor is the central deck dining area, with a set of open stairs guests pass to the second floor; the second floor has a cocktail lounge with a balcony.  The third floor is the Sky Deck, featuring outdoor lounge seats and a bar with a wheelhouse.

Dinner Cruise Boat designs according to owner’s specifications and also ranges can arrange simply to ultra-luxury environments.

Features | Options

  • Each Deck has 360-degree sight views
  • High comfort without noise and vibration
  • Low emission and fuel consumption levels
  • LNG dual-fuel ( DF )
  • Battery + LNG-fueled
  • Fully compliant with SOLAS Safe Return to Port requirements
Dinner 26Dinner 36Dinner 44Dinner 50
Lenght26 m36 m44 m50 m
Beam12 m12 m14 m14 m
PassangerUp to 250Up to 450Up to 600Up to 800
HullMono Hull or Catamaran
SpeedUp to 28 knot