reserach development shipyard
reserach development shipyard
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The increasing pace of technology and tough competition necessitate concentrated and continuous research and development efforts towards future strategic technologies and products. Basaran Shipyard has foreseen the competitive advantage in internalizing and developing the available best technologies and started its R&D activities in 1990.

Basaran Shipyard. Decided to take deliberate steps to create its products and technology. In line with this goal, Basaran increased its engineering strength, invested in its human resources, established collaborations, and used its laboratory capabilities to get quick results. These investments include designing and producing its products and taking advantage of opportunities in the expanding market.

The current R&D efforts are directly concerned with product development, and their outputs are commercial products that provide a competitive edge.

Basaran R&D, which works at global standards for technology and product development, focuses on products that:

  • Are environment-friendly (recover, recycle, reuse, and low energy and water consumption),
  • Ensure comfort and customer satisfaction ( smart, quiet, practical ),
  • Are affordable and comply with the standards of the future.
  • The R&D Directorate carries out the R&D activities of Basaran SHIPYARD at company headquarters and by the Product Development Management in plants.

To conduct its R&D activities, Basaran collaborates with local and international universities, suppliers, research organizations, and institutes. Also regularly participates in household appliance and trade shows and presents papers at national and international conferences, seminars, and meetings.



Research and development at Basaran extend across numerous and very different fields. Our scientists & engineers analyze new materials, develop techniques and new analytical equipment for nature and the future digital factory. All innovations lead to new applications and help our clients bring products that are more efficient to the market, open up more business areas or reduce costs.


Meeting the need for face-lifting and making new parts for the pollution response equipment sector by the competition conditions.


In addition to investing in technology and becoming the best-known company in Turkey, Basaran has also been awarded for its products and the information it presents on various platforms. The awards it received to date are proof of a level of success that is hard to achieve.

  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Technology Development Top Ten Company, 2005
  • TUBITAK Research and Development Award, 2005.
  • TUBITAK Research and Development Award, 2006.
  • TTGV Research and Development Award, 2006.