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LNG Bunkering Vessel
LNG Bunkering Vessel
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Basaran Asphalt Tanker, Bitumen Tanker, is designed to carry asphalt, bitumen, crude oil products, coal tar, coal-tar pitch, coal-tar naphtha solvent, and sulfur, creosote, and creosote (wood).  With temperatures up to 250°C in separated multi-section tanks and liquid density up to 1.8 t m3.  The main structure, cargo tanks of Asphalt tanker | Bitumen Tanker intended for the max stress limits against hydrostatic and hydrodynamic worst-case scenario load cases.

Asphalt Tanker, Bitumen Tanker can load and maintain up to 250°C in fully segregated tanks, each tank block also has an integrated pump room. Pumps can discharge a full cargo in less than 24 hours, with pumping rates up to 2,000 m³/hour.  All cargo pipes, cargo pumps, cargo ventilation lines, and valves are heat traced by thermal oil pipes and insulated. Pipes on deck are to be covered by protection. All pipes in cargo tanks are to be double-walled with heating thermal oil in the space between.

Asphalt tanker | Bitumen Tanker capacities can be arranged up to 20.000 m3. Dimensions, specs can be configured for specific locations or customer needs, requirements.


  • Separated hull structure
  • High-speed loading, discharging capacity up to 2,000 m³/hour.
  • Monitoring system fitted in all cargo tanks.
  • Both LNG + Marine Fuel Oils
  • LNG dual-fuel (DF)
  • Battery + LNG-fueled
Asphalt 3500Asphalt 6000Asphalt 6825Asphalt 11000Asphalt 14000Asphault 15200Asphalt 18000
Lenght97 m105 m110 m129 m135 m135 m156 m
Width15.5 m16 m19 m22 m23 m23 m25 m
Depth8 m8 m10 m12 m11 m11 m14 m
Speed13 Knots14 Knots14 Knots14 Knots14 Knots14 Knots14 Knots
Cargo Capacity3500 m36000 m36825 m311000 m314000 m33900 m318000 m3
Cargo TypeAsphalt / Balck ProductAsphalt / Balck ProductAsphalt / Balck ProductAsphalt / Balck ProductAsphalt / Balck ProductAsphalt / Balck ProductAsphalt / Balck Product
DWT3500 T6000 T1600 T11000 T14000 T15200 T18000 t
Accommodation18 Person16 Person18 Person18 Person32 Person32 Person19 Person