River Cruise Vessel

River Cruise Vessel designs to provide customers with an exclusive experience navigating rivers and inland waterways worldwide.  River Cruise Vessel can sail directly into the heart of every destination and dock in the middle of the town with rivers and inland waterways.

River Cruise Vessel designs with the highest focus on survivability, redundancy, and low emissions to air and sea combined with low noise and vibration levels and excellent sea-keeping capabilities and passenger comfort + safety are the primary criterion.

According to the owner’s specifications and ranges, River Cruise Vessel designs can arrange simple accommodations to ultra-luxury environments.

Features | Options

  • Lounge with 360-degree sight views
  • High comfort without noise and vibration
  • Low emission and fuel consumption levels
  • LNG dual-fuel ( DF )
  • Battery + LNG-fueled
  • Panorama lounges
  • Infinity pool
  • Fully compliant with SOLAS Safe Return to Port requirements
Cruiser 40Cruiser 60Cruiser 80Cruise 110Cruise 135
Lenght40 m60 m80 m110 m130 m
Beam10 m12 m12 m12 m12 m
DraughtUp to 1.5 m
SpeedUp to 28 knot