Floating SheerLeg

Floating Crane Barge
Floating Crane Barge
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Basaran Floating SheerLeg designed for lifting operations for a wide range of marine operations for industries in the offshore, shipbuilding, civil engineering, heavy constructions,  heavy lifting, dive support; the installation of foundations for wind turbines at sea, the erection of bridges, pipeline repair, platform abandonment, pipeline construction work, plug and abandonment, pile driving, and inland marine construction. Furthermore, Floating SheerLeg is suitable for assistance during salvage operations and can operate worldwide, on inland rivers, coastal waters, or the open sea.


  • Heavy-duty crane with maximized lifting capacity and outreach
  • Self-propelled or Tug Assisted
  • Optimized loading cycle due to the off-center position of the crane
  • Optimized availability of Counter Weight System
  • Custom-built solutions act according to specific operational needs
  • Optimized loading capacity ( tonnes/day )
FS 500FS 1000FS 2000FS 3000FS 4000
Lifting Capacity500 t1000 t2000 t3000 t4000 t
Lifting Height25 m60 m70 m80 m100 m
Hosting Speed1 m/min1 m/min1 m/min1 m/min3 m/min
Lenght40 m60 m80 m95 m110 m
Beam22 m35 m37 m40 m48 m
SpeedSelf Propelled / Tug AssistedSelf Propelled / Tug AssistedSelf Propelled / Tug AssistedSelf Propelled / Tug AssistedSelf Propelled / Tug Assisted