Pusher Tug

Pusher Tug designs as a shallow draft to push the convoy of barges on the rivers and inland waterways. Pusher Tug can use conventional,  Z-drive or  Voith cycloidal as a drive system and LNG dual-fuel (DF), Battery + LNG-fuel system possible.

Pusher Tug has high maneuverability and comfort in the river system. The engine room and other machinery spaces are designed for performance and accessibility for maintenance.

Pusher Tug has Excellent accommodations, without sound attenuation and vibration. The superstructure, placed in front of the vessel for maximum safety and comfort. The superstructure is elastically insulated from the hull, accommodation completely separate part from machinery and workshop areas for better comfort.

Pusher Tug optimized to meet the stringent operational, latest environmental requirements, and newest requirements for efficiency, gas emissions, and navigation conditions for use in the ports or coastal waters. The pusher Tug specifications can be adjusted according to the owner’s specifications,  other particular operational and navigational requirements.

Features | Option

  • Extremely Shallow-draft
  • Low operation + maintenance cost
  • Twin, triple, and quadruple screw configurations, with conventional,  Z-drive, or Voith cycloidal propulsion drives
  • Real-time Engine Condition Monitoring
  • High level of comfort onboard, large wheelhouse with a 360-degree visibility
  • High propulsion efficiency
  • Bow thruster
  • Side Fender
  • Hydraulic/electrical winches
  • LNG dual-fuel (DF)
  • Battery + LNG-fueled
River 4River 15River 30River 35River 45River 65
PropulsionConventional, Z-drive or Voith cycloidal as a drive system and also LNG dual-fuel (DF), Battery + LNG-fuel system possible.
Lenght12 m24 m26 m28 m32 m36 m
Width6 m10 m11 m11 m12 m13 m
Draft0.9 m2 m2 m2 m2 m2 m
Bollard Pull4 t15 t30 t35 t45 t65 t
Speed8 Knot8 Knot8 Knot8 Knot8 knots8 Knot